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    KM 2 Camellón la Punta del Cacique.
    Funza - Cundinamarca

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    (+57) 313 885 9508

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Welcome to our virtual space. We will gladly give you all the necessary information and information so that you and your company can supply your commercial and business needs with us.


We have researched and applied a series of research, as well as a permanent feedback of sustainable technologies, offering plans of balanced integral nutrition, agronomically speaking, also with margins of efficiency and high economic profitability.

We have the commitment to contribute to the development of productive areas and at the same time disseminate day by day the achievements made in order to create healthy environmental awareness for the new generations.

Teniendo en cuenta que nuestro fin es la protección del medio ambiente, entramos en un nuevo campo de la industria, y a la vez poder dar soluciones y respuesta a las necesidades que actualmente exigen un aprovechamiento al máximo de materiales reciclables.


Enter the field of transformation of recycled neoprene to design necessary products for construction, structural elements for roads, buildings, bridges and highly specialized infrastructure and also products for the automotive sector, making this raw material an essential element that has achieved projection from our company to the national and international market.

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